iSwarf 440 / 550
Presses iSwarf are designed for briquetting of metal chips from machining with press from 130 to 360 MPa.
Presses iSwarf are universal and most adaptive to your conditions. Pressing is realised in cylindrical punch, high compresion of material is achieved by pressing against static barrier, which closing pressing space.

iSwarf line have a big range of presses and special equipments. By the combination of pump motor input of hydraulic agregate from 4 kW to 15 kW and the diameter of briquetting tools from 55 mm to 100 mm we can solve the requirement of briquette quality and the press power. The hopper type is choosen by the shape and dimensions of briquetted material and the way of inclusion of press to the technological link in factory. During briquetting is possible to separe cooling liquid containing in chips after machining until 2% humidity of briquette.

Thanks to modular construction, presses iSwarf can solve the most several request from customers in case of automation, technology and equipments. Return of invest to the briquetting presses for metal chips is approximately untill one year.
Briquette diameter
Pump input
Specific gravity of the briquette
Outside working temeprature
Allowed dimension of input material
45-100 mm
4-15 kW

60-600 kg/h
2000-6800 kg/m3
to 0,75 m3
from +5 to +35 °C
tо 30 mm


+  Simple press start-up
+  Easy press parameters settings
+  Easy press status monitoring (pressure, briquettes counting, running hours, easy 
     diagnostics for the servis and maintenance)
+  Standart languages: czech, english, german, russian
+ Sensors for guarding the amount of chips in hopper which allows automatic managing of process and managing external conveyor transporting chips to the hopper
Connecting of GSM module managing reports about machine status through SMS message for more user friendly operations
+ Hydraulic oil for temperatures lower than + 5 °C, using this oil allows using press in conditions of cold hall or outside to the temperature of -15 °C
pressing cylinder for hopper with four screw conveyors (WA)
Exciting shaft for hopper with four screw conveyors (WE)
Ultrasonic two-position material level sensor
+ Equipment for sludge briquetting
Catching tanks with pumps lowering the risk of contamination during manipulating with non processed chips and allows re-using of cooling liquid in machining centre
+ Safety fences
Increases the chip value
Reduces transport costs and chip storage space
Recycles liquids contained
in chips
Facilitates further chip processing. Easier re-melting in foundries
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