Why briquette metal chips?

Do you have a problem with the growing amount of metal scrap from machining in your company? Would you like to get more money from scrap metal sale? Or do you have your own foundry and want to recycle metal waste more efficiently by yourself? Do you mind that in metal chips after machining you lose a lot of cooling emulsion from machining centre? Are you interested in improving the environmental friendliness of your production?

The answer to all these questions is precisely the technology of briquetting of metal waste, which enables the conversion of shapeless and poorly storable chips into easily storable and transportable briquettes of various diameters and lengths. Our presses are able to achieve optimal briquette quality (specific weight, residual moisture) for re-melting in the foundry without the need for further modifications. Metal waste in the form of briquettes also increase the purchase price of the material, which brings financial savings to your company.

Further savings are achieved by the fact that each press is equipped as standard with the separation of cooling emulsions contained in chips after machining and at the same time is pumped out of the press and ready for reuse in the machine tool without further modification of this emulsion (confirmed by customers). Our presses are characterized by high quality, which is achieved, by using components from world-famous suppliers such as SIEMENS, Hydac, ArgoHytos, BALLUFF, Kawasaki, Lenze, NORD, SICK.

Our advantage is that we can offer the customer a completely fully automated solution for processing metal chips in the form of an automatic line containing as needed:
Briquetting press - specified and configurable according to the specific needs of the customer, such as the required amount of processed material in kg / h, the required diameter and length of the briquette, the quality of the final briquette.
Chip containers / bins - for collecting more chips before starting the crushing / briquetting process, etc.
Long chip shredder - if the chips from machining are not friable and are longer than 50 mm. Or if the chips contain larger solid pieces of residual material
Tilting device for trucks with chips - for the possibility of automatic filling of the crusher / hopper of the press.
Centryfuge - If the chips contain a very large amount of emulsion, or if the customer require minimum residual moisture in a briquette
Conveyors - for automatic transport of chips between individual elements of the line, or at the end of the line conveyor of finished briquettes from the press
Central control panel - panel for controlling all elements of the line from one place
Why briquetting?
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