Lifting device VZ 800

Is determined for automatic, safe and effective manipulation with chips in containers, for example for filling the hopper of briquetting press with chips or for delivering long chips to the crusher.

Can be the part of briquetting presses produced by company BRIKLIS or can be delivered alone machine with own electric cabinet for connecting to other machines. Easily modifiable construction solution of lifting equipment allows adaptation to individual customer's shipping containers and the required tipping height.

VZ 800 meets high safety standards
It can be equipped with these safety features:

+ light signalization
+ tanks for catching liquids from metal chips
+ ramps and anti-skid grids
+ mirror which allows to the operator easy visual control of tipping area
+ integrated fences with definated entrance to the working area for changing containers for chips
+ safety light barrier which secures the containers weighing area. This solution lowering the time of container input, because there is no need to open and close doors in safety fence.
Easy operating

operator of lifting equipment VZ change the empty container in working area for full container and by pressing a button run the proces of lifting. Sensor of level of chips in hopper automatically run the proces of container tipping until the hopper is empty. Briquetting press is by this way fluently supplied with chips. If the new container is loaded to the lifting equipment before the previous amount of chips are pressed container will be tipped to the hopper without any operator interaction. There is no downtime during press operation.

Screw conveyors

Technical parameters

Screw conveyors are produced from steel trough with covers and cylindrical screw welded to the tube. For very abrasive materials is possible to make trough and screw from Hardox. In trough can be placed one or two screws. Trough is equipped with sieve for liquid evacuation from chips to the tank.

Diameters from 120 to 160 mm
lenght to 6000 mm


+ optimal dimensions for technology location
+ tow-screwed solution is optimal for longer chips
+ dust free transport of material
Chips stacks

Stacks for metal chips are produced in different sizes to the volume of 14 m3. Can be equipped with the vibration bottom or assembly of 4 to 6 screws for material evacuation regarding to properties of pressed materials.


Stack with four screw conveyors
Is optimal for stocking and manipulating with the longer chips which are not bulk but it is easy to split them. Bottom of the stock is equiped with assembly of four screw conveyors with different rotations and diameters. Stack is situated close to the press. Small type of stocker, 0,6 m³, with possibility to equip with pressing cylinder WA or separating cylinder WE for metal briquetting presses.

Stack with vibrating bottom with volume from 2 to 14 m³
Is optimal for stocking chips. Material is transported with tipping containers or with the loader. A part of bottom is a sieve for separation of other pieces of waste. Stocker is installed close to the press also is possible to locate stocker outside under the ground level.
Sorters and separators

Vibrating sorter of big pieces
Vibrating sorters are own production and safely separate pieces of other materials with bigger dimensions which are not suitable for briquetting and which are bigger than the slots between vibrating shafts.
Magnetic separator

For separating magnetic (ferrous) materials from aluminium chips we are using the permanent magnet mounted over the conveyor for chips. For automatic cleaning, the magnet can be equipped with belt conveyor.
Metal crushers for editing of chip sizes before briquetting

Material which contains long and voluminous chip, is necessary to crush to the optimal size. To our automatic lines we are using crushers KB 20 from Sweeden, which are equipped with separator of big pieces (broken parts, ends of bars from machining, and more.). Crushing tools in the shape of ring divide if a large object enters the crushing tools and the reverse operation of the crusher, the batch of material with a large piece is discharged without damaging the crushing tools. This allows handling and briquetting of a wider range of materials and ensures trouble-free operation of the press.
Overview of options for briquetting presses - lines BrikStar M/MD a iSwarf
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iSwarf 50 is possible to add only metal crusher
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