BrikStar EK 20
Simple control, low consumption

The press is controlled by only one switch. Programmable control system developed exclusively for this press ensures all necessary automatic functions and enables unattended operation. The press stops automatically when the material is replaced from the hopper.

BrikStarEK is driven by a hydraulic unit with 2.2 kW electric motor. Unique design of the press bottom Stepped design of the bottom of the press hopper ensures optimal supply of material to the shaft of the pressing chamber feeder from two sides and perfect emptying of the chamber. Square hopper of the volume of 0.6 m3 has one mechanically driven extracting cutter with five arms. The falling material has enough time and space to get into the trough with the help of the extracting cutter with a defined feed. Pressing against fixed barrier The pressing chamber has a cylindrical shape, and is closed by a solid barrier from one side. Each briquette is pressed by maximum possible force of the press. The output of the press depends on specific weight of the material. Briquettes fall from the pressing chamber in the prepared bag. Working environment.

BrikStarEk cannot be connected to an exhaust system, and cannot be installed outdoors. In case that the hopper would be connected to a pressure system, the material could be unpleasantly blown from the pressing chamber, which is opened during one step of the working cycle. With open hopper this danger is minimized. Materials for pressing without binders The pressed material should meet the following conditions: moisture 8 to 15 %, dimensions smaller than 15 mm, and bulk density at least 70 kg/m3

sawdust, shavings

Briquette properties The briquettes have a shape of a cylinder of diameter 62 mm, length 20 to 30 mm, heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. They can be combusted in all types of stoves, boilers and incinerators for combustion of solid fuels. Their high heating value is better used in gasifying boilers. The volume of waste is decreased eight times by briquetting, and so waste transport and storage are cheaper. Big benefit of the briquetting presses is utilization of wastes and reduction of dust in plants.

Standard equipment

+ Press hopper volume 0.6 m3
Main advantages

+ Favourable price
+ Low power consumption
+ High-quality workmanship based on standardized components
+ Simple installation
+ Small dimensions
+ Easy operation

+ Hydraulic oil for temperatures lower than +5°C
The visocsity of normal oil allows safety running of hydraulic machines from temperature of +5°C výše. If the temperature is lower the oil became more density and can broke the pump or hydraulic sealings on pistons in hydraulic cylinders. If customer needs to locate the press in areas with lower temperature it is necessary to equip press with special oil with viscosity without addiction to local temperature. This special oil allows safe running of press in lower temperatures from +5°C to -20°C.
+ Set of keys for mounting and controlling the screws
Technical data
Technical and running conditions
allowed humidity of inputed material 8 - 15 hm%
maximal running presure 180 bar (18MPa)
maximal oil running temperature 60 °C
working surrounding conditions from +5 to +35 °C
specific weight of pressed briquette 900 - 1100 kg/m3
General technical parameters
power supply device 400 V
control voltage 24 V
protection of electrical elements IP54
equipment noise 75 dB
number of possible running shifts for press 1 shift (limited by oil temperature)
Type Ø briquette
kg / hod
Installed input
Press weight
BrikStar EK 20 62 10 - 30 2,4 385
BrikStarEK briquetting press is suitable for small workshops. It is a new, small, cheap press with low power consumption. Our goal was to design a press with utilization of new technical solutions which would not decrease its quality and properties, but would substantially reduce its price while keeping low consumption of electric power.
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