BrikStar 100 / 150
Materials for pressing without binders

Materials for pressing should meet these conditions: moisture content from 8 to 15%, dimensions smaller than 15 mm and bulk density of at least 70 kg/m3

+ sawdust, shavings and dust from all kinds of wood including tropical ones
+ rape and grain straw, crushed power plants, flax and hemp awn
+ waste from seed cleaners, poppy-seed material
+ crushed paper, paper dust
+ textile dust and short fibres
+ industrial high-volume or dust waste from exhaust systems
+ polyurethane, some types of composite plastics
Other materials can be exposed to a performance test, which is performed by the BRIKLIS personnel in the BRIKLIS test room free of charge.

Briquette properties

The briquettes have a shape of a cylinder of diameter 65 mm, length 30 to 50 mm, heating value of 15 to 18 MJ/kg. They can be combusted in all types of stoves, boilers and incinerators for combustion of solid fuels. Their high heating value is better used in gasifying boilers.

The volume of waste is decreased eight times by briquetting, and consequently waste transport and storage is cheaper. Big benefit of the briquetting presses is utilization of wastes and reduction of dust in plants.

Standard equipment

+ Briquette guiding - 2 plastic elbows
+ Minimum level sensor
+ Inspection door
+ Oil cooler
Main advantages

+ Direct connection to the central suction
Display for easy operating and parameter settings
Easy operating, mounting and service
Automatic regulation of briquette lenght and quality
Low running cost and energetic consumption
Complex delivery, individual care, high quality
Press dimensions - width 1200 mm, lenght cca 2310 mm

Quiet press run
In present is for some customers very important high hygienic and healthy conditions. It is well known that a long time work in noisy conditions increase the tiredness of workers, this can be the reason for bad quality of production and more frequent of work injuries.

In facilities where is the bigger production of wood-working machines are usually noise limits 85 dB overloaded. For this reason we are offer as an option presses with quiet run mode. For our presses BrikStar is usual noise around 80 dB but press with this option have a noise around 72 dB.

Sensor of maximal level of material
Sensor of maximal level of material is important for stop adding material to the press hopper as a prevent of overfill of hopper or for status signalization. Sensor of maximal level is not connected with function of press and do not influence the press run.

Oil cooler for three shift run for BrikStar 30, 50, 70
Oil cooler for three shift run, the service life of the rubber seals of hydraulic components depends on the oil temperature. Long time oil temperature should not go over 70°C. Presses BrikStar 30, 50 a 70 can work without oil cooler for 8 hours. In the case of need to run more than 8 hours it is necessary to equip press with the function of oil cooler. Other presses have oil cooler in standart (except BrikStar EK 20).

Hydraulic oil for temperatures lower than +5°C
The visocsity of normal oil allows safety running of hydraulic machines from temperature of +5°C výše. If the temperature is lower the oil became more density and can broke the pump or hydraulic sealings on pistons in hydraulic cylinders. If customer needs to locate the press in areas with lower temperature it is necessary to equip press with special oil with viscosity without addiction to local temperature. This special oil allows safe running of press in lower temperatures from
+5°C to -20°C.

Covers for press run outside of hall
if is necessary to run press outside of building under the outside filter of central suction is necessary to protect press against outside conditions especially humidity. if to water go to the some parts of press it could broke the press functions. Water flow into machine is protected by outside covers which are covering pressing cylinder, frame and electric cabinet. Necessary option for outside press run is also the oil for lower temperatures.

Vibration shock-absorber for pressing hard-compressible materials
Vibration damper Brikstar briquettes from some materials with a very low resin content when punched through the die are damaged by vibration and a rapid pressure release after the briquette is ejected from the die.

Long briquettes
Long fireplace briquettes of 20 to 40 cm in length without an internal opening allow more efficient packaging and sale to small customers. Such long briquettes on a hydraulic briquetting press can be produced from some materials by doweling with a profiled punch. Manual picking is required to remove long briquettes and subsequent packaging. Dowel briquettes from hydraulic presses are fragile, disintegrate faster in the fall than briquettes from mechanical presses.

Folding arms for hoppers with a volume of 3 m3
Folding arms 3 m3 hoppers are equipped as standard with a folding arms rotor. These arms can be folded down and hidden under the central rotor cone at high material resistance. This shortens the lever arm and prevents overload of the rotor drive. After relieving the material from its immediate proximity to the booms, the springs return the booms to their original position.

Cooling dies
When pushing the compressed briquettes, the punch is heated by friction. Some materials with increasing punch temperature reduce the frictional resistance and thus the pressing force decreases. By cooling the punch with water in a closed cooling circuit, the punch temperature is maintained at the same temperature, thereby ensuring optimum press conditions. This device is available, for example, for cereal husk presses.
Technické údaje
Technical and running conditions
allowed humidity of inputed material to 30 mm
maximal running presure 180 bar (18MPa)
maximal oil running temperature 60 °C
working surrounding conditions from +5 to +35 °C
specific weight of pressed briquette 700 - 1100 kg/m3
General technical parameters
power supply device 400 V
control voltage 24 V
protection of electrical elements IP54
equipment noise 77 dB
number of possible running shifts for press 3 shifts
Type Ø briquette
kg / hod
Installed input
Press weight
hopper - 12
Press weight
hopper - 16
Press weight
hopper - 19
BrikStar 100 65 90 - 120 9,3 1105 1195 1285
BrikStar 150 65 130 - 160 13,5 1160 1250 1340
BrikStar briquetting presses are manufactured with 20 years of BRIKLIS experience. They are designed for medium plants with one-shift or multi-shift operation.

They feature compact design, modern control, reliable hydraulic pressing device, which enables maximum compaction of material. For continuous operation, they are completed by an oil cooler within standard equipment. Automatic regulation of the quality of briquettes and the dispensing screw minimize fluctuation of power for pressing materials from fine to rough ones. The minimum level sensor controls automatic start and stop of the machine, and so eliminates useless operation of the press.
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